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Powerful Ways to Help Your Kids Make Healthy Life Choices

The lessons kids learn from their parents stay with them for a lifetime, dictating their life choices and

influencing who they end up becoming. That’s why, as all the experts say, it’s critical you proactively

mold and educate your child. They’ll need your support and guidance to build the foundation they need

to grow into responsible, successful adults one day.

In this mini-guide from D. Martin Fitness, we offer some advice on helping your kids to make healthy


Communicate Your Expectations

You know you want your child to make healthy life choices — but is your child on board with the whole

idea? Communicating your expectations is a necessary first step toward teaching your child on choosing better, as Pathways Psychology can tell you. Sit them down and have a good conversation about what you expect. Give them examples of what good life choices look like and why they’re important. Answer their questions, patiently and kindly. Get them invested in the endeavor. That’s half the battle won right there.

Be a Role Model

Your kids look up to you, so it’s important to be a positive role model in many ways. Show them how

to make small, positive changes in their daily lives, like choosing the stairs over the elevator, and

drinking water instead of soda or juice. Telling your kids is one thing, but showing them these changes

will have a much bigger impact on their willingness to make smarter and healthier life choices.

Another way you can be a role model for your kids is through your educational and career goals. If you

have wanted to go back to school for a new degree or to finish an old one, do it! When your child sees

you sacrificing and working hard for something, that determination rubs off. Having your child be proud

of you is the best feeling. There’s a practical reason for that degree, of course, which is the extra money

the degree can bring in, which your kid will also notice. With many universities offering classes entirely

online, college degrees are an increasingly realistic goal for many parents.

Get Them Exercising

Signing your kids up for a sport or a physical activity of some sort helps on several levels, especially if

they’re naturally inactive. It builds up their confidence, allows them to explore (and push) their limits,

and helps them feel good about their body. What’s more, exercise is an excellent way for your children

to blow off steam. Find something they enjoy doing, and then make space for it in your home. You could

even have a designated workout time for the family or engage in physical activity together. In time,

exercising becomes a habit, something they will do for the rest of their lives.

Perhaps your family would be motivated by going to a gym together or even working with an online

personal trainer at D. Martin Fitness. There are many ways to get you and your family exercising. You

just have to find the right opportunity and understand that each family member might be motivated


To accompany their activity, make sure they’re getting fueled by healthy snacks. Things like nuts, apples, or even a smoothie can be an excellent alternative to sugary snacks and sodas.

Be Understanding About Mistakes

Kids will make mistakes along the way and maybe “fall off the wagon”, so to speak — and that’s okay. If

you make a big deal out of them, they will hide them from you — and then they will never learn. If

you’re understanding, on the other hand, and gently explain why they were wrong, they are more likely

to be willing to make up for their mistakes. Essentially, make mistakes in learning experiences, says Root for Child.

It’s also a good idea to celebrate positives. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself and your kids as you make

progress. A fruit and flowers bouquet, for example, offers some tasty snacks as well as beautiful flowers

for the home. Or have a family movie night or a trip for some mini-golf. Do whatever makes your family

happy to celebrate.

Give Them Responsibility

Responsibility is a wonderful teacher (and comes in various forms). Tasking them with managing the

household budget for the week, for example, teaches them the value of money. They learn how to save

and utilize resources sparingly. Making them earn the occasional thing they desperately want teaches

them the value of hard work. Again, don’t shelter your children too much from the consequences —

they need to experience the fallout to learn responsibility.

Set an Example

Keep in mind that kids learn best by example! If you make healthy life choices yourself, your child will

automatically pick them up — kids want to be just like their parents. And if you’re looking for personal

training advice at a distance, visit D. Martin Fitness online for great articles and the opportunity to work

one-on-one with an online trainer. In the end, be a great role model for your children and they will turn

into amazing little people in no time.

Guest contribution by Elena Stewart of

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