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DMF Product Reviews: Born Tough & Elite Sports

Fitness has exploded in the last decade which means the trends that go along with it are catching on as well.

Everyone who does anything remotely fitness-related on social media has been dubbed the title "influencer." Perhaps, I have as well. I'm open to hearing your thoughts on that though!

Clothing is a HUGE part of fitness as everyone develops their own style and preferences toward various brands. Of course, you have the big name, recognizable brands like Nike, Lulu Lemon, Under Armour, etc.

This makes way for competition as well. Nowadays, you see a lot of other companies popping up on the fitness landscape making clothing worthy of recognition because their style is comparable to the big names. However, what distinguishes them from the more well-known brands is their ability to capitalize on pricing, design opportunities, and niche markets.

On that note, I've been rocking the Born Tough Air Pro™ 2 in 1 short with a built-in compression liner in grey camo and I have been pleasantly surprised.

When I received the package and tried them on, the very first thing I noticed was how incredibly soft the liner was. Not only that, they weren't overly tight or loose and fit just right as my thighs are around 24.5-25 inches around the widest part standing at 6'0" and 175 lbs.

I am a big fan of compression shorts and have worn them under my training shorts for the last two decades or longer. What's really cool about these liners is that they include a hidden phone pocket on the side of the right thigh.

Even better, it fits larger phones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max that I am currently using. Some other brands have smaller phone pockets and much more snug compression liners for guys with smaller thighs that probably skip a leg day or two. For me, it's "skys out thighs out!" Last thing before I ramble. I was also in the market for a new duffel bag since the one I was rocking had been wearing out. One of my biggest complaints about duffel bags is that most of them do not have enough compartments for the organization of all the things.

I'm a HUGE fan of organization. Everything has a place! Born Tough has a sister company called Elite Sports geared toward Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I'm not currently involved in martial arts but I may be enrolling my 5-year-old son as he expressed an interest this school year. The BJJ Gi's by Elite Sports are pretty legit compared to the ones I've seen. Their Warrior Duffel Jiu Jitsu Gym Bag is just what I've been looking for because it has compartments for literally everything you need and then some. I was really pleased to even see an individual compartment for my large-sized protein shaker!

Want to check out the details and see how the shorts and the duffel both look? Check out the video review below:

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