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Client Testimonials

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Client Success: Testimonials

I have been working with David for well over a year. When I started I had goals to lower my cholesterol and triglycerides, lose weight (20lbs), and improvemy overal health. David listened to my goals and developed a plan that has allowed me to reach or exceed my goals (cholesterol below 200, a 150 point drop In triglycerides, and and overall body fat of 11%).

Today, David and I continue to work on making fine tune adjustments to my overall fitness by blending strength, flexibility, and conditioning training into a wholistic package that results in sustained health improvements and an increased sense of well being. You will find that David has a genuine interest in your health and he structures "your" fitness program to your current fitness level and your preliminary goals. If you are looking to make a real change in your health, David will be a real partner in your wellness.

Andy G.


From the start, David asks you what your goal is and targets that with your workout. He pushes you in a positive way. He also is always doing research and finding what's the next best thing!

Alexis G.


I have worked with quite a few trainers and David Martin really raises the bar. Unlike most trainers who get you in, work you out and then send you out - he really pays attention to your form, weaknesses and strenghts and develops a program specific to your needs. What stands out the most about David is his dedication and desire to help assist you in meeting your goals.

He provides nutritional assistance and guidance which makes a huge difference in getting results. He is very involved and shares his knowledge which I think is extremely helpful. I have seen more results and learned more working with David than any other trainer. I am stronger and I lost over 12 inches last month thanks to David's help with my nutrition and fitness. I recommend him to anyone who wants to see results! I look forward to continuing my workouts with David. 

Tracii B.

Jamison K.

David's program has been great! The positive changes in body composition, mobility and overall fitness have been much more than I expected in only 3 months. Hitting my macros and following the online training program has led to a 6% body fat reduction (in an already lean frame) without ever feeling hungry or sluggish. Thank you David!!!

Jamison K.


Effective, reliable, and professional. David takes the time to learn his client's personal health history & goals. Each session is a proactive experience which has been catered to the individual. David provides the tools and resources to guide his clients towards their optimal self. David relieved my skepticism towards the gym and dieting after many failed attempts on my own. Now I'm healthier, stronger, and confident!!

Lauren L.


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Sandy Williams

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